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Latasha Bailey is The Lady Boss Builder!

Latasha Bailey The Lady Boss Builder

The Lady Boss Builder is the Premier Life Coach for High Achieving Women

Latasha Bailey is the CEO of The Lifted Lifestyle

The Lifted Lifestyle is a training and development company focused on personal and professional empowerment. Led by Certified Coaches Latasha & Chazz Bailey, they assist clients with achieving personal goals and professional benchmarks.

The Lifted Lifestyle creates client driven strategies for success, they cannot change your life; but the company can equip you with the tools you need to change your own life. As they say “You have to be your own rescue; we become a resource to your journey.”

Ask yourself:

  • Are you in need of a breakthrough?
  • Are you ready to get free of self limiting beliefs?
  • Are you in need of a tribe of support, love and accountability?
  • Are you tired of waiting for your time to come?
  • Do you need a space where you can be your authentic self?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to let me help you become the BOSS of your life!

My goal is to provide high quality coaching for high achievers that fosters self-discovery, increased clarity, greater productivity and more effective communication skills in every area of life. I aspire to inspire, uplift, motivate and empower.

Hi I'm Latasha

Nice to meet you!
I am an TEDx Speaker, Internationally Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, and believer in your ability to build the life you want one strategic action at a time.

I founded my business The Lifted Lifestyle® on the belief that every one of us deserves to live a life that is not limited by internal or external factors. However, in order to have the life your heart desires; you have to stop taking a backseat in your story and become the BOSS of your life.

I am committed to helping you foster thinking that serves you, eliminate distractions, create systems for your productivity, take hold of your abundance and build a tribe that will grow with you!

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The LadyBoss League

Why the LadyBoss League?

Women are starting more businesses than ever before. However, a lot of female entrepreneurs embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build their businesses on their own. Most business owners know how they want their companies to operate, but they lack an effective strategy, business knowledge and the time to fully manifest their success. Due to the lack of affordable business training resources many female entrepreneurs end up running out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves before they find the formula for success.

A Platform for Female Entrepreneurs

The LadyBoss League offers strategic solutions, tangible resources and the mentorship of Internationally Certified Business Coach Latasha Bailey.

An Introduction to the World of Business Coaching

If you have been seeking an affordable solution to increase growth, productivity and profit in your business; then The LadyBoss League is for you!


Join AMAZING Lady Bosses who took the leap and succeeded!

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What My Amazing Lady Bosses Say

  • The Lifted Lifestyle team has help me to see myself and my dreams so much clearer! Excellence is the standard they set! I am a witness to the effectiveness of The Lifted Lifestyle Coaching!

    Nikki Berry Gospel Recording Artist
  • I am undeniably empowered and assured of who I am and what I can do. There are still goals that remain in front of me which need to be broken down and executed, and have little doubt that I will complete them.

    Shana Burris Author/Screen Writer


  • This Ultimate Self-Care Guide I created is needed by all, whether in business or not. Being your best version of yourself allows you to be the best in all that you do!

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  • I have created a release your stressors activity that will allow you to identify and rectify the stressors in your life. So Name and Tame those stressors and live lifted!

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  • Coming Soon another freebie that is designed to assist you on your journey in this Lady Boss Life. Be sure to stay connected and you will be the first to hear when this freebie is available!

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