5 Ways To Become A Better Public Speaker Part 2.

 Five Quick Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker


  1. Learn more about public speaking.  

Researching about different techniques or tricks about public speaking can help you  improve your skills on it. Doing your research can be done by reading more books and  magazines about it. Aside from visiting bookstores for them, you can also check out  websites, which may offer eBooks about public speaking or are offering valuable  information for free.  

  1. Seeking more help in public speaking. 

Hiring someone to help you with public speaking can also be a good step to take,  towards gaining success in it. However, you need to make sure that the person you are  hiring really has good experience when it comes to it. Aside from that, it is best that he  is someone who has been recommended to you by your friends or relatives.  

  1. Start with a smaller audience.  

If you think that facing a pretty large crowd can be quite overwhelming, then you should  speak in front of a fewer number of people first. Get your family involved with it by  asking them to be your first audience. You can also ask your friends to listen to you if  you want to. When you practice, pretend that you don’t know them, so that it would  become more realistic.  

  1. Take care of your voice, especially days before speaking in public.  

One of the keys to being effective in public speaking is to have a nice and clear voice.  Thus, you should take care of it, especially just days before your presentation. That  means, you should not have cold drinks, and you should also avoid staying out late at  nights. Additionally, you should also refrain from shouting.  

  1. Modulate your voice.  

Voice modulation simply means changing the pitches of your voice. Modulating your  voice would prevent your audience to get bored or confused. Aside from that, with  effective modulation, it can help you give more emphasis on certain words. Learn more  about how moving your pitches up and down can affect your speech, so that you can  put it to good use.