• "The Lifted Lifestyle team has helped me to see myself and my dreams so much clearer! Excellence is the standard they set! I am a witness to the effectiveness of The Lifted Lifestyle Coaching!"

    Nikki Berry Gospel Recording Artist
  • "I am undeniably more empowered and assured of who I am and what I can do. I am aware that there are still goals that remain in front of me which need to be broken down and executed. However, now - as opposed to this time last year- I have little doubt that I will complete them."

    Shana Burris Author/Screen Writer
  • "This coaching experience was invaluable. I could not put into words the impact it had on my life."

    Tiffany Franklin CEO of KingdomGroup Financial & Partner at 22 Realty Group
  • "Having someone who believes in the power within me has motivated me to work towards goals that have been on my to-do list for a long time. She also kept me focused on committing to myself first."

    Breia Gordon
  • "Empowering, Enriching and just plain Phenomenal on so many levels!"

    Jacquelyn Brown CEO Hippi Chic Joy Rings and Things
  • "Its good to know you're not alone with the things we face in our lives, business, and even the things we try to avoid. I hope to share all that I have learned."

    Nisha Patel Engineer

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